Connecting the World Through Data Science

Welcome to the Mato Ohitika Foundation

A Non Profit Corporation dedicated to providing scientific and educational services to underrepresented communities through data science related activities to responsibly bridge science and culture using the principles of data sovereignty.



The mission of the Mato Ohitika Foundation is to provide underrepresented students and communities with access to cutting edge educational opportunities in the Data Science related fields of Mathematics, Statistics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Geographic Information Systems. This is a Citizen Science Foundation designed for nation building to provide innovative ways to build the world's best global citizens.

The Mato Ohitika Foundation:

A Sister Company and Strategic Partner with Mato Ohitika Analytics LLC, a Cutting Edge Data Science Company Designing SMART Solutions for Tribal Communties

"Diversity and Inclusion are Key to Successful Educational Outcomes."

Where Data Science

Meets the Real World

The technology sector for far too long has held exclusive rights to all things tied to data and data analytics. As the democratization of data has begun, so has the need to educate our global citizens as to the need for strong guidelines, use cases, and ethics principles governing data storage, use and analysis.

Dr. Joseph Robertson of Mato Ohitika Analytics LLC has been developing his research interests and work to contribute to a greater body of work in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML), not only in creating practical solutions that serve economically challenged communities, but serves to educate students, colleagues, and organizations that without collaboration and cooperation, AI will only serve the privileged.

The Mato Ohitika Foundation will serve the public good to these ends.

The Mato Ohitika Foundation Research and

Educational Interests and Citizen Science Priorities

Geographic Information Systems

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Data Sovereignty

Data Ethics

STEM Education / Writing Code

"Research should inform praxis, and in turn praxis informs educational decisions that provide communities with the best tools for them to succeed in the growing world of technology and beyond. I look forward to working in this exciting interdisciplinary field of experts and citizens to make a more sustainable world."