A Message from the Director,

Joseph Robertson, PhD.



Mitakuye Oyasin! To all my relatives, greetings and welcome to my newest venture:

The Mato Ohitika Foundation.

I have served as the Chief Data Scientist of Mato Ohitika Analytics LLC since its founding in 2017. During this time, I have had many conversations with our tribal communities, students, educators, and strategic partners in how to best serve our people not only in data science, but education as well.

As I have gathered intelligence in our communities about how we can use data to benefit our community one common theme kept coming up: Is there a way we could teach the citizens of our communities to use data and technology in a way that empowers them to take ownership of these SMART solutions.

Thus, after consultation with family, friends and elders, I have formed this foundation to build educational outcomes to share with our communities to further strengthen data science and all of the incredible information technology that can make our communities smarter and more sustainable.

Data Sovereignty and Data Ethics are two key components in understanding how to responsibly bridge science and culture, which is at the forefront of many discussions I have had with many partners recently. As we continue to use data as a strategic act of sovereignty, we must align hearts and minds to work together for the common good and the Mato Ohitika Foundation is poised to lead the way through rigorous scientific and educational opportunities for our communities to learn about how to become smart and sustainable.

I hope you will join me in delivering a first class education to our students, community, and the world as we work together for many years to come. Pidamaya (Thank you!)